Wellesley Inn and Suite is an imaginative hotel that offers various amenities for the convenience and comfort of guests. It has invested in amenities to suit the needs of the different guests that visit on a daily basis each year.

Amenities also enrich customer experience.

With the amenities, guests are guaranteed an experience like no other. Despite being innovative, the inn and suite is committed to offering comfortable and welcoming experiences.

Guests visiting the inn include vacation travelers, business travelers and weekend travelers, among other categories of travelers. With proper knowledge of the different types of travelers, the inn and suite understands the unique needs of each group of travelers for comfort and convenience.

Some common amenities at the Wellesley Inn and Suite include:

  • Adequate security and safety – the inn offers personalized security and safety measures for different kinds of guests, ranging from children to women to the elderly. Despite some guests’ preference for human touch, it uses technology to offer better safety for guests.
  • Cleanliness – the inn upholds the highest standards of cleanliness that covers bathrooms, shared spaces, and bedrooms, among other hygiene amenities.
  • The internet – the business offers flexibility in internet connectivity for business and personal guests. You’ll get access to WiFi connectivity at the hotel.
  • Bathroom plumbing – there’s sufficient hot water and proper flow from the toilets, sinks, and even showers for convenience. Water from the shower runs continuously and is always available. It also avails portable water and ensures no water leaks in the bathrooms.
  • Comfortable beds – the beds are well-maintained, clean, well-designed, and of high quality. They’re properly positioned in each room to allow for the free circulation of fresh air. It also displays blankets and pillows creatively for an appealing look and enhanced comfort.
  • Answering the phone attentively – the inn and suite have assigned its phone answering service to a qualified agent who receives calls and answers guests’ concerns or questions efficiently and effectively. Calls are only referred to other departments if necessary.
  • Aroma – the inn has a distinct smell meant to create a positive first impression when guests walk into the reception area. The bathrooms and carpets are clean and ooze a signature smell across the inn and suite. This makes guests perceive Wellesley as clean and of top quality.
  • Lighting – Wellesley offers adequate lighting in all bathrooms, hotel rooms, and other available spaces. Bedside lamps also provide lighting for those who enjoy reading in bed before falling asleep. Good lighting offers a sense of security and improves the guestroom experience.
  • Delicious food – the inn offers an exceptional guest experience through free breakfast, including beverage and food available at an extra fee. The foods are cost-effective and delicious, atop the hotel being known for cooking up your favorite recipes.
  • Check-in/Check-out – Wellesley offers personalized iPad check-ins at the front desk. It has ensured that the check-in/check-out process includes:
  • Convenience
  • Clear direction
  • Convenience

As a home away from home, the inn and suite ensures that each guest receives a friendly face, a warm welcome, personalized service, and heartfelt thanks when checking in or out.

Amenities at the Inn and Suite for Different Groups of Guests

  1. Amenities for Business Travelers
  2. Power outlets – to charge electronics and plug-in gadgets.
  3. High-speed internet – for seamless communication, digital conferences, etc.
  4. Free drink – to wind down after a long day.
  5. Iron and iron board – to smoothen out wrinkles on clothes such as suits.
  6. Desk – convenient and comfortable workspace.
  7. Dry cleaning discount – to perfectly press ensemble for a professional look.
  • Amenities for Holidaymakers and Vacationers
  • A kitchenette with appliances – microwaves, fridges, and coffee makers offers simple comforts and convenience away from home. You can warm your food anytime you want for added convenience.
  • Dining options – limited local on-premises restaurant recommendations.
  • Recreational facilities and spa services – for entertainment, relaxation, and staying active.
  • Free daily newspaper for keeping abreast of local happenings.
  • Free airport shuttle – for easy movement to and from the airport.
  • Amenities for Weekend Travelers
  • Quality toiletries – for light travelers with carry-on luggage only.
  • Flexible check-ins/check-outs – 36 to 48 hours window for travels to accommodate early leaving and late arrivals.
  • Easy access (proximity) to tourist attractions – for maximum use of limited time.
  • Complimentary luggage storage – storage of guest luggage, including valuables post checking out or prior to the room being ready for occupation.
  • Free pet stay – easy access to short-term pet stays, which can be difficult to find.
  • Free parking – for quick weekend getaways.
  • Amenities for Millennial Travelers
  • Communal co-working and living spaces – for social networking and working remotely on tech start-ups.
  • Free high-speed internet – researching local spots to explore, being active on social, finding options for dining, etc.
  • Hands-on classes – art, cooking and yoga classes make for a transformational travel experience.
  • Easy access (proximity) to culture spots – for true engagement with locals, including their culture.
  • Free pet stay – a study reveals that millennial pet owners get stressed if separated from their pets than their phones.
  • Unique experiences – creative activities you can’t find elsewhere; outside-the-box ideas you can’t find in other competitor inns and suites.
  • Free bikes – for exploring the outdoors to experience authentic relaxation.
  • Amenities for Family Travelers with Kids
  • Child-friendly bath and bathroom essentials – a step stool for getting onto the sink; tear-free bath time.
  • Child cots and baby cribs – where kids enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Laundry facilities – traveling with kids can be messy.
  • Kids eat free – a three-course meal and appetizers.
  • Discount on laundry service – getting rest from doing laundry.
  • Amenities for Honeymooners and Romantic Couples
  • Luxurious bathrobes – for wearing in bed while drinking champagne after a wedding.
  • Wellness spa – recuperating and relaxing after the bustle of the wedding.
  • Free bottle of champagne – for indulgence in classic newly-weds.
  • Room service – you never have to leave your lones but make a call.
  • Room service was built to offer experiences
  • A free gift basket to celebrate your marriage and make a special-location suggestion.

At Wellesley Inn and Suite, we offer all kinds of amenities for different guests to ensure they experience comfort and convenience. This ensures they come back again.